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Clean Energy, Future Trend Domains, All Top Growth, Why Fight it?

So for years I’ve been waiting for the domains I bought that chained up the keyword strength of new Future Technology and Future Trends.  During that time, I pulled together other domain investors who saw what I reported on, starting with Monte Cahn’s “DomainMaster” interview, in Oct. 2006.

That was a great interview, except that Monte got me to reveal my secrets. It was a double-edged sw0rd…. I got lots of new clients, but the all of them, plus others, took my FT OOTB advice and started picking off every domain name that could be possible on every “new” report of a tech discovery!  I couldn’t decide what was better. I’ve now decided that I wished I never did the Monte Cahn “DomainMaster” interview.

Why would I not be happy about a great interview read by most domainers, and run by Monte Cahn, a well-respected man in the domain industry?

ANSWER:  Because now everyone looks at future trend R&D, reports, what’s new, etc etc. And everyone is buying OOTB on these domains. This removed my ability to grow my own portfolio of unbelievably killer domains, such as InternetGlasses.com, SolarClothing.com, WindContractor.com, and hundreds of others.

Here is the ironic part:  FT (Future Trend) domainers are willing to sell very valuable FT domains for low 4 figures. That, in itself, lowers the value of FT domains.  But so many NEW members in this business came in, and joined up with FT domaining, because nobody could afford to buy a one word premium domain for $75k.  So they did what I did back in 2004…. I bought domains that defined NEW TRENDS.

Now that hundreds of other FT domainers have picked up some killer domains, all I can do is support them. And there is no doubt that their domains are worth five to six figures.

So now to discuss what the real positive issue is here:   http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/the-take/clean-energy-transition-unstoppable-so-why-fight-it/?tag=nl.e660&s_cid=e660&ttag=e660&ftag=TRE4eb29b5

If you are buying sustainable energy domains, even if they haven’t gone mainstream yet… the WILL in the next year, and your domains will be worth 2o times what you thought they would sell for.  Here’s a quote from a GERMAN CEO (they don’t mess around)

CEO Peter Terium of the German utility RWE, called the clean energy transition in the electricity markets “unstoppable” and “irreversible.”

Wait, is that it? Nope: ” Investment bank Morgan Stanley was next. The bank’s early-March report apparently shocked investors by saying the utility business was undergoing massive disruption and that falling costs of solar power and battery storage would encourage consumers to defect from the grid. “There may be a ‘tipping point’ that causes customers to seek an off-grid approach,” the report noted. “The more customers move to solar, the remaining utility customer bill will rise, creating even further ‘headroom’ for Tesla’s off-grid approach.”

That’s nice… especially for those domain buyers who have been FT member and followed our advice.

Bottom line:   Buy any FT domain name, especially if you can get it in low four figs.  I can’t tell my members whats NOT to sell for, so many of them sell for quick money.

That’s not my advice… but those deals are there. If I was a smart domainer, I’d be looking to pick up any FT domain name that is being sold in 4 figures. It’s a year or two away where that 4 figure price will quickly change to Five or Six Figures.

Cheers mates!!

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Spring is in the air! There are exciting opportunities happening right now in the solar domain keyword industry. Future Trends are already embracing amazing solar products globally.
Successclick.com is receiving multiple request for solar domains, one of them being “SOLARMASTERS.COM”.  Killer brand for a solar company. If anyone is interested, this domains is selling now for only $5,000.

That should whet a whistle somewhere, or fry a perfect sunnyside up egg!

We are pushing our solar keyword country brands through the month of March. You can catch them here, 0r see them on FUTRS, our associate FT domain listing site, beautifully designed by John Vicino.  And here is our full portfolio of COUNTRY SOLAR KEYWORD DOMAINS:



You can pick up any of these domains for only $5,000 each. For every extra domain, you get a 20% discount. So if you buy two domains, it’s only $8,000. Three domains only costs you an amazing $6000 for all three.

After that, all domains cost $2500 each. If you truly have an idea of being ready to get paid big money for domains you KNOW are going to sell, these are them.  We’re putting them in front of you to bring attention to our FT domains, and the incredible field of members who are participating in the growth of Future Trends domains.  More on this soon.  Grab them!


see you soon

The Team at Successclick.com and FUTRS.COM

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Buildouts or Sales? Future Trend Domains say EITHER WAY

There have been some discussions lately about buildout of domains. Some people say “no way, waste of money and time”.

I know that there are about 50 web developers who will argue against that. But doesn’t it just depend on how well you thought out the domain you want to build out? Doesn’t it have a demographic you can reach? Can you have SEO help you get to the top of Google or other SE results? How about straight typeins based on your domain? If you can get affiliates in your domain’s website, one sale can beat six months of PPC income. That’s a fact.

So before you freak out thinking your domains can’t be made into nice websites that make you money, consider how much money you make by PARKING those domains with ANY parking service company. You figure out the balance between getting $1.80 a month from PPC on a landing page, where most of that income goes to the PPC aggregators, or building out the site, where you sell ONE product, and make $6.60. Big difference.

Successclick believes in affiliate sales, straight broker sales, and holding onto domains until they mature. PPC isn’t the answer, although some articles are trying to make you believe that.  This is because the PPC companies you put your domains into, changing your NS to theirs, and hoping for the best, they make more money than you will if anyone visits your site.

Yes, it costs money to build out a site, but that price is dropping so much. If you’re interested in getting a site built out and makeing more than PPC income, let us know, and we’ll point you in the right direction.


BUT FOR SURE — building out your domains, if done correctly, will make you more money than PPC income. Your ultimate goal is to sell to an end user. We do that for your too!

Cheers everyone

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Hi Readers,

I was preparing another article when I came across this incredible announcement that DOT COM domains were DEAD!  This pans out to over 300,000 domain investors and business owners losing billions, possible trillions of dollars once the Grim Extension Reaper of DotComs comes-a-calling.

Additionally, other sad news came over the wire:

  • Kittens are not that cute
  • New cars aren’t as advanced as those built in the 1920′s
  • Apple is planning to move all of their operations to the moon, on LUNARTOWN.com, before the top extension dies because of Mind & Machines absolutely truthful and factually based announcement the “DOTCOM IS DEAD”.
  • Apple Pie is no longer America’s pie. It’s moved to a small group of islands called “THE CAYMANS”
  • Billiards is set to replace Football as the favorite sport in the US within 2 years.
  • Republicans now want open borders in America
  • The NRA discussed changing their policy to make all guns be put on a 30 day waiting list, with a 5% tax to assist in checking out all gun buyers.
  • Lots of other great news to report, including that Fox News is ending “Fox And Friends” morning show in January.

News is important people, read it and believe it, because there is no worry for you to believe that any news is biased and paid for by big money.More to come?  Not sure.



NOTE: This article is based on sarcasm, and it intended to follow the genius of DomainGang.com in giving you the absolute non-truth in a news report, for cheap views and hopefully lots of clicks on links and banners.  However, we don’t seem to be selling other services here… but our own!

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I just heard about the passing of Ren Warmuz of Trellian.com. All I can say is when I met Ren at several domain events, he was considerate, helpful, and a wonderful person to know. He made you feel special.

The team at Successclick offers deepest condolences to Ren’s family, including his equally great brother, David.

The domain industry lost a fantastic guy. All of us in this industry should stop and take a look at each other, in Ren’s name, and work together to complete his dream to make domaining a legitimate source of investment and online promotion, and in his efforts, made friends of us who were lucky to meet him. If we can all just take one small part of the kindness and support of Ren and move forward in his name to achieve what we know he worked hard to accomplish, we’re better for it.

To everyone… anyone… in this industry… be safe, stay healthy and think twice before doing anything that makes the domain industry infighting something that outside parties would diminish respect for us all. Ren wasn’t a part of that, ever.  (Respect to Ron Jackson’s report on Ren’s passing)


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Want to Sell Your Domains? Which Domain Listing/Auction Service is the Best?

Want to Sell Your Domains? Which Domain Listing/Auction Service is the Best?

It seems many people are trying to sell their domains lately… or more than lately. In the last two years, a strong trend favoring buyers (or shadow-hiding dropcatchers) has emerged. Our company is receiving several emails a day from domain investors looking to sell their domains. Some of their domains are absolute premiums, but for the most part, about 90% of domains we see are probably not going to be picked up on the drop or in the aftermarket.

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3D Domain Education for Those Who Want to Know the Secret…

3D Domain Education for Those Who Want to Know the Secret…

Buying 3D domains isn’t just putting the 2 famous characters “3D” in front of any noun/adjective/adverb/verb.  It’s all about understanding where that domain keyword is going to go, as in evolving as a brand, a keyword, a common phrase, etc.

Knowing something about the English language and grammar gives you an edge in this game. Knowing that you should be subscribed to at least 20 future

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How Far Are 3D and Hologram-Holograph Domains Involved Now?

How Far Are 3D and Hologram-Holograph Domains Involved Now?

There have been many posts and more emails to SuccessClick.com™ regarding one simple fact:

Most 3D domains are selling for at least mid 4 figures, and they’re not premium domains in the sense they command five figures or more. However, if the domains were purchased OOTB, then you’re looking at profits that cannot be equaled or matched in any investment source in the world in the time of the initial investment, which if OOTB,

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