All Shook Up… Elvis Presley Helps Titanic Producer with Future Trend Domains!

Posted on Jun 11, 2012 in General Domain News | 13 comments

All Shook Up… Elvis Presley Helps Titanic Producer with Future Trend Domains!

Many of you have read accounts of the Tupac Skakur Hologram concert series being developed, but this is just the beginning. New Media marketing reports from the entertainment industry are welcome treasure maps for FT (Future Trend) domainers.  The Tupac hologram shows will be eclipsed by the Elvis Presley Hologram Concerts coming soon from the Titanic producer, James Cameron. (Oh, as a side note, Cameron also did the ground-breaking movie miracle sensation, “AVATAR”.)

All the anonymous and seemingly tepid commenters on blogs regarding FT domain investments suddenly look more like the old-timers in 1905 who were saying that the automobile would never replace the horse and buggy.

The facts:  Cameron’s company, Digital Domain Media Group has cornered a deal to develop an Elvis Presley “event” featuring Presley performing as a hologram image. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this move will open up “new growth opportunities for the visual effects company.”  Obviously, there will be hundreds more “digital media” companies taking advantage of one of the most ambitious entertainment visuals ever in history, using hologram concerts and events based on film footage of performers/celebrities/famous people and several of its Future Trend (FT) domain investing partners, have captured the majority of all significant Premium domains in the hologram/holograph genre. Remember, HOLOGRAM and HOLOGRAPH are interchangeable. Although “holograph” as a word has a larger meaning than “hologram”, either word is acceptable, but what Successclick is discovering is that the term “hologram” is making a bigger impact as far as prodserv branding and recognition. Does this mean that “hologram” domains will be more valuable than “holograph” domains? At this point, it’s hard to say. However, both will be huge nouns and adjectives for all the entertainment industry by 2015.

Successclick and their members in the FT domain investing arena have read hundreds of belittling and “no-nothing” comments about “FT domains”.  When a well-known domain investor then bought a “Future Trend” domain name a month or so back, it was obvious that FT domaining principles were now being considered as a viable investment procedure. The big domainer bought a domain he thought had “profit potential”. He figured the domain would be “brand smart”, based on Google’s new eyeglass mapping system. and the domain could potentially represent the product to go along with their technology.

The domain bought by the the domainer, which was heralded by MHB  as “the next category killer domain name for under $4k “, is clear proof that “old money domainers” are also looking to Future Trend domains as speculative investments.

The problem with the article by MHB is that he missed the fact, maybe because FT domainers stay mostly quiet at this time about what we have in our combined portfolio, that at least five to ten FT domainers own domains that fit the “google project” glasses better than “Smart glasses dot com”.   In no way can this MHB article featuring a friend’s domain purchase, (nothing against Berkens), to be a “category killer” in the respect of computer/internet-based eyeglasses domain names. and their partners own two of the real category-killer domains in this genre:™™

The clear facts are that FT domain investing IS credible.

3D will rule the printing category for the next 20 years. Holograms/holographs will explode on the scene within 2 years or sooner.  FT domainers who have waited it out, kept the faith, and continued their dedicated research into their own domains’ viability, will celebrate with high value domain sales which will no doubt be big news for months in the domain industry, and in the New Media marketing world.

Even beyond entertainment, according to the Hollywood Reporter, these new business opportunities based on holograms indicate “how a core visual effects business can leverage its technology into new areas.”  The article then mentioned this technology moving into the “military and medical simulation space.”

For investors in this type of stock, the “buy” rating went from $1 – $10 after another financial deal DDMG made with investors in Abu Dhabi. The well-known Digital CGI company is opening a studio in the Emirate, that offered a 30% tax incentive for production costs incurren in the country.

There is no doubt at this point that Future Trend Domains™ are going to start selling at impressive prices (if the FT domainers can wait it out).  I anticipated this finally happening when I started investing in FT domains back in 2003, and hologram domains in 2005 forward.

The good news is for everyone else who is NOT selling hologram domains is that they have some incredible entertainment technology coming their way for their enjoyment within the next 2-3 years. The good news for FT domainers is — Thank God you all are innovators instead of being a naysayer with no vision.  More on this progress later!




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  1. Stephen,

    Perhaps, one too many drinks, eh? :-)

    Please reread my post above, I wrote 4K, not 4D.


  2. Okay, this is what I think. I have the best future trend domains, as well as Futrs, Stu, Domainsyrup, DMPartners (, 3DPrivateCloud), Mike, Savvy, Lucy, Giles, MHB, Stephen, and whoever I left out. Frank Schilling and the rest are going to pitch new extensions to compete with our future trend domains, because that is a market they didn’t tap into early on. That is my opinion. Frank Schilling picked up one of my drops. It’s funny when my drops get picked up and wind up in somebody famous’ portfolio! Moniker picked up:
    and some other, “future trend” domains . . .

    @admin, I hope there is a bulletin board to post expiring domains for Future Trend Network, so that members can pay renewal fee to have domains someone else doesn’t want to renew transferred to their account. Linny did that for me with, I have all the, “bendy,” so I wanted her domain, since she was getting out!

  3. really good post thank you.

    Hope it pans out!


    • @Mark,

      You got one out of three right, but I could be wrong. Which of the three do you think I like, and from Successclick’s experience in FT domains, we think will be five figure sales for you?

      Okay, so the question is rhetorical! Here’s the one I like: – Can you imagine in five years hiring a DJ with licensing rights to project holograms of their customers’ favorite performer? HUGE. Good job on that one! I didn’t see it coming…

      HOLOGRAPHICTECHNOLOLOGY.COM – Mark, “technology” is spelled wrong here. If possible, I’d contact your registrar and ask for a delete and refund, as long as it hasn’t been more than 72 hours of purchase. If you can’t get it, then you’re not using a “domain investors’” registrar.

      As far as the domain I like —Excellent, Mark.

  4. Hi Stephen,

    Just picked up a couple of holo’s, we’ll see how things pan out.



    @Louise – very innovative Louise, very marketable.


    • @JTW,

      You just made yourself an amazing investment that will make you very happy in the next 2-3 years. Don’t wimp out and sell because somebody waves $5,000 in your face. That’s pigeon shit pricing. Hold on… they’re coming! Good job!

    • @JTW said

      @Louise – very innovative Louise, very marketable.

      Thanx so much for the encouragement! ResponsiveTV – full steam ahead!

      Nice hologram domains!

  5. I went to CES it was all 4K, not 3D.

    What is your opinion about 4K?

    • @Matthew,

      I didn’t do any research on 4D because i filter popular phrases through news articles. I rarely, if ever, see anything regarding “4D”. That can change. Can you provide us with some solid links that describe the prodservs in this area? Thx for writing!

    • @Matthew, 4K is hot! Lots of news about 4K. I created QuadTelevision for the less-known “full hd” term, quad hd. Futrs has 4KRecorder and some other good 4K domains. Mike has 4KHub and 4KNet. Lots of these domains seem to finally be coming into their own! Hang in there!

  6. 3D printing heating up, too! Big investor interest.

    Someone I respect told me to “find another hobby,” when I asked his opinion on my hand-regs of a week ago:


    What else should you call it, when televisions respond to voice, gestures, and facial recognition? If you can pick the word, you have a great domain!

  7. And hot-off-the-press…the money is now flowing into the hologram sector:

  8. Good post, Stephen.

    You know that hologram tech is on the verge of going mainstream when well-known entertainment/celeb bloggers start posting about it, like this:

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