Are Robotic Domains Still Ft Domains? or Are They Now “Current”?

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 in General Domain News | 1 comment

Are Robotic Domains Still Ft Domains? or Are They Now “Current”?

It’s been a source of discussion with more than a few members regarding some of the categories of domains we buy and whether they can still be considered “FUTURE TREND” domains (FT).

With the response and sales of the robotic domains by special request for the Successclick™ Robotics portfolio, it seems that robotics are already settled in successfully as a recognizable and mainstream category of domains. Some specific “niches” are even being questioned, because their growth is so rapid. A lot of scientific discussions have actually reached into how humans can be “unafraid” of robot intelligence taking over our lives. Sounds weird, but it’s a true concern(Our Robotic List is updated, see below – our list addresses these issues through domains)

However, the domains for robotics continue to grow in demand, and we’re happy to assist anyone purchasing from us to be assisted by our FTN members and promoting their sites and promotions, because that’s what Successclick does — we want total success for investors looking to push their FT, (or not) domains to ecommerce successs. This success can be measured by strength of buildout and/or interest in aftermarket sales.

If our marketing investors are looking for the top robotic domains, regardless of their secondary niche, we will send an updated list of our portfolio, including recently sold robotic domains from this portfolio and those pending. If any FTN members who haven’t yet submitted their robotic domains for us to evaluate and appraise, we will continue this series of sales test marketing. (Please contact us for assistance.)

We’re very excited by the results so far, so stay tuned.

For access to the Robotic List (updated today 8/13/2013), please email us directly at:  SUCCESSCLICK —- a-t—– G–M–A—I–L. dotcom.

All the information you need will be provided on the report we send you.


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  1. Is this one yours? Sold on Sedo: 1000 USD

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