Domainholdings Kicks Butt on 3D Domain! Now Let Us “Turn You On” –

Posted on Apr 5, 2013 in Aftermarket, Big Domain Doggies, Domain Auctions, Future Trend Domains, General Domain News, Name Intelligence, Sedo, Snapnames, | 14 comments

Domainholdings Kicks Butt on 3D Domain! Now Let Us “Turn You On” –

“I read the news today, oh boy” So sing the Beatles in their 24th most popular song in Rock: “A Day In The Life”.  Their final chord in the song is considered the most famous chord played in rock history. The Future Trend domainers’ beginning chord played in the song of domaining is their FUTURE TREND DOMAINS™.  The musicians are playing, the conducter is directing, the audience is listening and liking what they hear. This is because the value of FT domains is based simply on “informed speculation”.  That is what Future Trend domains are about. I’m talking about DomainHoldings predictable success at getting big fat dollars for a domain name that is, well, 3D-based. (3Dparts-dotcom sold for $40,000 according to DNjournal) So let me introduce to you a domain for the future, and the future is now.  HOLOGRAPHS.COM This domain is currently available with a reserve of $100,000. This would be the best 1000 Benjies you’ve ever invested. The price is good for 1 month only. Contact me directly for showing your genius in buying this domain. As Paul McCartney sang in the same song:  “I’d love to turn you on…..”

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  1. The new owner of wants to sell their domain asset … now listed again with

  2. had to share this..pretty exciting news:

    Israeli Company Brings ‘Iron Man’ Like Holographs To Real Life

    Real View has developed what is probably the most advanced 3-D interactive visualization system. Our holographic system allows physicians to work with the patients true 3-D anatomy appearing as precise volumetric holograms floating in mid-air,” said Aviad Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Real View.


    • @FUTRS

      Ummm…. people… see holograms/holographs getting closer… closer… bam! Right in front of you. FT domainers have been predicting this growth for over seven years now. Buying a domain name for $8.50 and reselling it for four, five, six figures, will be the norm in 2014-2020. Hang on to the good ones. Thanks John.

  3. RE: HolographicSex:
    … grabbed @ auction (regged since ’07)

    also purchased a very nicely aged domain name recently:


    this has been registered concurrently since 1997.. i tacked on a few more years after purchase giving this a life span of at least twenty years (expires 2017)

  4. just hit my account… very happy to have just added:

    • HolographicSex(.)com

    FUTRS and “The Holo Network™” just got stronger

    • @FUTRS,

      Could be a good one, bro. HolographicSex-domcom… nice. I own the hologram dating domains, but I didn’t think about that one you nabbed. Did you get it OOTB or in a drop? Or auction listing?

  5. ABC News – MIT Group Working On Bring Holographs To Your Living Room

  6. Just tell this frager clown to stop talking crap as usual, hes been saying this for the last 4 years and even when there are some 3d or cloud sales, he still carries on like a idiot

    Anyway, did you see sold for $29,500, saw it on dnjournal

    Another nice sale….

  7. Giving it away . . . ;)

  8. I hope Blake Irving shares some of his $12 million bonus with you and Berkens who are almost single-handley responsible for the feeding frenzy of this 3D speculation that so far has only made he and Parsons and KKR shareholders RICH!

    • @ Owen Frager

      We appreciate the kudos and info, Owen, but trust us on this: lots of FT domains are flying out at low, mid and high four figures, (yeah, we know, we don’t report them, and there’s a reason) and several are being fished on for “oh let’s see if they’re desperate” at mid 5 figures, and we may mean LOTS. We just tell our Future Trend Domainers not to sell their best ones for less than five figures, and only sell for lower if cash liquidity is needed (to buy more FT domains!) (that last comment should be read with the “Triumph” dog’s intonation “FOR ME TO POOP ON!” lol) Anyone with any domain sales knowledge knows this is the direction of this domain profit juggernaut, the big buyers might think we’re all noobies and anxious to sell so we can pay our rent… so wrong, and that will be the big loss every month they let these domains slip by.

      I won’t make predictions about the quick explosion of domain sales in this category… other than it’s already started and will only get bigger, better, and more amazing. What I like is the educational value of actually researching up FT domains we offer, or are still available. Got to do that research. Thx for taking the time to comment.

  9. Agree, this will be a nice investment for the future,
    I also bought lately one of the HOLO….. names.


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