Going Full Robotic on EMDs – “Exact Match Domains”

So the world is coming or has come to an ethos of roboticism.  Sounds like a strange psychological term, but the fact is true -  our world is being roboticized at every level. Successclick has been a big fan of robotics, and we’ve sold some very nice ones for good prices in the last few years. One of our readers asked an interesting question (Louise), “Am I getting too nichy?” You have to answer that yourself (if you’re not a retained client of ours).

However, it’s really a smart question to ask if you are an FT Domain investor. Our take is, think hard, but going “nichy” can get you and your money separated quickly. If you go too “nichy”.  We advise you find several straightforward domains that sum up all the other parts of that “niche”.

Robots. That is the” focus of this article. “Robots” are not a niche. They are huge right now. How many “niches” are there for “robots“?  Hundreds, maybe thousands. Why? Because robots are invading our culture at every level. Robotic domains are going to hit hard, like solar and 3D. The fact that 3D fooled so many domain investors who thought “3D” was only limited to TV’s and movies, missed the boat by not researching. The respected blogger, Michael Berkens, wrote about it several years ago. We all know how that article worked out for his blog. Biggest response ever.

3D is now going mainstream and may not even be considered “Future Trend” domains (FT) anymore. That doesn’t mean they lost their value, it means they gained increased value on what domain investors originally thought about “3D”.  We own “3Dadvertising dotcom,” and that domain has received several offers in the low five figures, mostly from domain investors looking to do exactly what all of domain investors (and any investor) should be doing: “Buy low, sell high”.  It’s critical that you have financial understanding on what/where it is you want to make your profits.

In respect to that last sentence, Successclick is opening up their robotic domain portfolio to anyone who wants to see the future and the present own the current technology and where money will be made in an amazing way… so why not focus on a main part of growth of our civilization. Robots will be known soon as the name for the new era already arrived: “The Robotics Era”. Those are my words for what the years 2000-2100 will be known as. I obviously won’t be around to find out if I’m right, unless I get a robot heart. Clickity clack. Hope that battery works. Yes, we own “RobotHearts dotcom”.  Turned down over three requests in low 4 figures for this EMD domain, even though it’s considered an FT domain, a 7 year old knows that robots will be a part of his life. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how we use them, right? Morality and ethical paths win for civilization. However, robot engineers and scientists are concerned about how humans control robots, so the robots don’t end up controlling us.

Anyone who has read this far into this article and are looking for solid FT domains that they can simply search up in quotes and discover the unbelievable R&D focus globally on robotics, We’ll help put a spark in your brain and maybe set it on fire.

Serious domain investors, or any robot company marketing supervisor or executive, you can contact us to get the full list of over 400 pure EMD keyword Premium ROBOTIC domains, 99% in dotcom extension. We won’t post them here. Just send us an email and ask for the full list with BIN prices.  Email us if you believe in robotics, and understand how important it is to own your own prodserv’s EMD domain (Branding keyword joy!).

DIRECTIONS: Send us a request, with full contact information, including your business and your position:   SUCCESSCLICK—-a-t——gmail. com

NOTE: Not every FT domain is about 3D, holographs/holograms, and some nice niches our members are finding at this very moment. Don’t forget solar, robotics, and hundreds of other great FT prodservs popping up daily in the tech world.

Live in the present, learn, help make a great future for mankind, and then embrace it. Be one of the first to ask. We will sell at wholesale if you buy more than one.. Write to us now, before you lose a big one.  SUCCESSCLICK===at===gmail dot com


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  1. Sent you an message via linkedin Stephen, send me over the list please.



  2. Inspired by your post I went looking for unregistered Robot domains, and thought if Robots should ever be of different genders, maybe they’ll call them:


  3. We own:


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