How Far Are 3D and Hologram-Holograph Domains Involved Now?

There have been many posts and more emails to™ regarding one simple fact:

Most 3D domains are selling for at least mid 4 figures, and they’re not premium domains in the sense they command five figures or more. However, if the domains were purchased OOTB, then you’re looking at profits that cannot be equaled or matched in any investment source in the world in the time of the initial investment, which if OOTB, was about $10 or less.

These domains are so wide open, and there are thousands of directions to go with their applications for 3D, and Holo domains, all we can do here at Successclick is invite more people to post the links regarding these FT domains on the COMMENT section of any story relevant to this category.

Our favorite link for the day, if you haven’t seen it!

Really? Holo’s have already moved this far into heavy government, consumer and business usage? Check out the link, and say hi to “Shanice”!

Cheers to those who know where the future investments are situated for domain investors, and ecommerce builders, and brick & mortar companies wishing to join the 21st Century internet marketing and investment leaders.  FT domainers, once laughed at, now looked at closely and making sales…  remember to keep your best in your vest.



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  1. Just testing

    • It’s hard to get a comment posted here – sometimes it posts, often it disappears.

  2. I Noticed this sale a couple weeks back in September through NameJet - – $1,711

    In my view this domain was a steal, this is a biggie.

    Picked up this one myself in .com


    For those investing in Holographic, Hologram & Holography domains all the best.



  3. holographic assistant (dot) com

    regged this back in jan 2011 not got many of this just a few

  4. With all this 3D development going on, perhaps a platform could prove worthy ….?

  5. Liked the link. Could be paving the way for my:


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