Memorial Day Aftermath- Premium Domains – $50 Each? What?!!!

Posted on May 28, 2013 in General Domain News | 4 comments

Memorial Day Aftermath- Premium Domains – $50 Each? What?!!!

Hello readers!

As you know, we work solely on Future Trend (FT) domains. We have hundreds of members, owning some of the best of these domains. This isn’t counting our own FT domains.

While working for building up the FT pocket demographic, we have some great non-FT domains we’re selling too… and to show our confidence in our FT domains, here’s a list of 10 domains that we’ll sell for prices that are unbelievable.  As long as you buy THREE at a time, they’re $50 each.

We want to prove that our FT domains are valuable, and we can give away our “current trend” domains for cheap as a loss leader.

We’re going all in for FT domains. Those domains outside it, or for those domain investors building their portfolios, here’s your chance to nab some killer Premium keyword domains:

ICHTHYOLOGIST.COM -  “fish researcher”

All domains above will be sold in bulk in one sale for $450.  That means you get one for free.  You can buy three for $150.

To nab them, please post their names in the comment section, and write “SOLD”. This will be a legal sale.  We will contact you for further payment and transfer/push instructions.

Have at them!

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  1. Ok – I see why. Francois doesn’t index sales articles.

  2. Nice list! Howcome I just saw this article?

    • @Louise,

      I don’t know why you just saw this list of great domains for cheap. Don’t worry, several buyers are just calling me or emailing me on some of the domains. If you’re interested, better act quick! Can’t guarantee which ones will be available. Can’t beat the prices. Why so cheap? because we are gearing up for an explosion of FT domains on the market that will make domain investors say “Oh diggity dog, I need one of these killer domains, like because i know that country will have a company representing the sun and capitalism. cheers. We can’t get two guys to stop $10 dollaring each other to reach the BIN price of $500. IRRIGATIONPIPES.COM? seriously? That’s a no-brainer for $500. It’s a sad mess of losers, cheap and smart investors hoping to pick up the parts that geniuses have dropped, or who are dangling them to see just how strong the NON FUTURE TREND DOMAIN MARKET IS TO PROVE THE NAYSAYERS OF FT DOMAINS WRONG!

      If some smart domain investor can’t see that isn’t worth $50, then how can they be qualified to make statements belittling FT domain investments. They can’t even afford to buy for $50! It’s laughable, but shows the current status of the domain industry today. It’s actually a joke fest where nobody is running the mental ward.

      • It’s actually a joke fest where nobody is running the mental ward.

        Why Future Trend Domains May be a waste of money <– Mental ward city – I saw that thread, too! But some nice defenses of future trend domains were commented, so it's worth a read.

        @MHB has a nice array of future trend. Some top portfolio holders acquired some future trend. SmartGlasses – who would have thought buzz over Google glasses would explode? Nice investment from @Rick Domain King.

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