Rejoice 3D Domain Buyers! 3D is “Dead”!

Posted on Jan 22, 2013 in General Domain News | 14 comments

Rejoice 3D Domain Buyers!  3D is “Dead”!

According to a post to one of Successclick’s articles on 3D last year, someone posted a link to our article stating that “It’s official: 3D is dead” and more. CES influenced the “well-informed writer” on a supposed “tech” website (where brilliance in brand marketing proceeds them by putting the word “the” in their domain) that 3D was dead because of the dearth of any 3D promotions by the major TV manufacturers at CES in early January 2013.

This type of “journalism” is actually very welcome to all 3D Future Domain buyers, because now, anyone who isn’t educated on the wide field of 3D technology, will think 3D domains are worthless. Get your wallets out, FT domainers.

It might take another year or so to blow that misconception out of the water, but what a great opportunity for FT domainers to pick up dropping 3D domains by domain investors who don’t do their homework.

I probably don’t have to say much here, and probably shouldn’t, because I don’t want too give away the secret to people who don’t already KNOW that 3D is already well-established in so many sectors of entertainment, fabrication, design, etc etc.

So here’s the link to the story, thanks to a reader of Successclick.  Wipe that smirk off your face and be glad that the idiots are still in denial, (wait, is that an oxymoron? Idiots and “being in denial”?)

Cheers mates!


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  1. There will always be the need for 3d domains. I don’t think that there will be any problems with 3d domains in the next 5 years.

    • Thanx for the heads-up! I just hand reg’d! Thanx, @ Futrs, for letting it drop! :D

  2. Cool article today on Techcrunch about how Holograms are en route to a boardroom very soon:

  3. Incidentially, these two (other) news pieces are HUGE NEWS for graphene: (Djokavic played using this racquet and just WON the Australian Open)

    • @Gene

      Hmmm… so the mysterious “death” of Philip Streich, one of the inventors of graphene applications, at 20, could be deemed truly “mysterious” when you see that the Chinese are involved and that, my friends, isn’t something the US Gov wants. I’d like to see an example of any other kid, passionate about “changing the world for the better” and a millionaire at 17, would commit “suicide”, oops, nope, we can’t list it that way, because it was suddenly changed to “an accident on his parents farm”. No details. From what I’ve seen of his parents farm, lots of chickens.

      I don’t have time to dig into this story yet, but someday I will. If something happens to me in the meantime, think about the fact that I know this kid, sold him his first domain, which formed his first LLC, and that this site is no longer up. More details I won’t print here now. But when I read on a blog that three major scientist geniuses at Harvard have “died” mysteriously in the last 3 years, like the person who reported this, its a head scratcher, yes?

    • I just came across this notice of a Graphene trademark which seems to be very far-reaching, considering the wide number of projects worldwide that are now being funded for commercialization. Is there anyone one with a legal background here who could comment on if this limits packaging the (seemingly) generic word Graphene with any of the uses named ? Trademark:

  4. Actually…I was wrong about how much the EU will be funding Graphene (over the next 10-years): The total is $1.3 BILLION

  5. Stephen – You might want to do a new post titled “Rejoice Graphene Domain Buyers…” after seeing this hot-off-the-press news that the European Union (just announced that it will) fund Graphene to the tune of 500,000,000 EUR:

    • anyone?

    • @Gene

      Wow… I didn’t get this link at all on google alerts…. thx Gene! Amazing. Stay tuned for some other updates in this direction.

  6. A good read: ‘When the Internet Goes 3D’ from Cisco’s Technology News Site:

  7. Yes, I keep my collection and

  8. There’s no doubt that 3D printing is as far from ‘dead’ as any industry/movement on earth.

    I plan to keep my ‘’ and ‘’ names for many years to come, or develop them in time.

    And even though 3D in the TV/monitor context isn’t gaining traction, it’s only because everyone’s really waiting for hologram tvs. People hate the glasses, so in that field we need to wait for the ‘real thing,’ i.e., holograms.

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