Some Domains Are Better Than Most, and Are Priced Right! Future Trends…

Posted on Feb 5, 2013 in Aftermarket, Big Domain Doggies, Future Trend Domains, General Domain News | 13 comments

Some Domains Are Better Than Most, and Are Priced Right! Future Trends…

Most any active domain investor regularly gets those emails from the “big names” of the domain industry, all of them offering up great domain sales. I get a lot. I like seeing how people price out their domains, and where they try to sell them. There are domain auctions, BIN listings, Faux auction listings, and simply “Big Deals” emails that tout the “best buys” of the week or month.

Have you ever wondered if the list of domains they’re trying to sell you are their clients’ domains, or their own? How can you tell, especially with privacy whois on a lot of their domains?

Well, Successclick believes in promoting their FTN member’s domains, if they’re Premium, and if the sale price is a “lure” to focus buyers’ attention on the fact that these domains will be selling at 10 – 20 times the amounts listed below, in as short as 2-3 years.  Remember the time when some old-timer domain “gurus” were saying that future trend domains were worthless? Those were uneducated comments, because since that time, more than 200 FT domains have been sold for 4-5 figures. Successclick has sold five in the last 90 days in this range without promoting them.  Those domains could be listed easily on DNJournal’s weekly domain sales, except all sales were private. We know from our 350+ members who regularly visit our blog, that many have sold several domains in that same price range. That’s in the last year. This year, expect prices to go up considerably

Successclick likes to feature great domains selling cheap from time to time: For today’s post, we’re featuring several domains we feel are some of the best on the market, especially if you are into future trend domains, or current trending products and services in a dotcom domain keyword. In that respect, we do have a client that has several domains we’d like to offer up to smart investors. A “smart” investor is someone who can see that a domain word or phrase is already, or most likely will become, a major generic brand. Check out a proven hot topic category, “graphene”, in the below excellent domains at unreal prices:

- — this is what the future is all about in electronic technology, and more.  Don’t miss this and regret it!  $1,000.
– – Super Future Trend domain, as “graphene” will be the main source of electronics by 2016. Super sale, $1000
– GrapheneFishingRod(s).com – Yes, super strong material being considered by fishing rod manufacturers!  $1,200 for plural and singular, or $800 each.
– – $250
– RXAD.COM + .NET + .ORG – All three, $5,000.  Ask about breaking up the set prices…
– – $300

These domains are some of the best for the price and potential for buildout, or end user resale. To purchase them, simply email us with the domains you want and say “SOLD”.

When we go to broker domains, we try to discourage anyone from selling their “future trend” (FT) domains right now, or at least contact us first to ask if the price the buyer is offering is correct.  We can’t tell you how many five and six figure FT domains that have sold in the last year for four figures. We know, because we sold a few ourselves at four and five figures just so we could establish a connection with the buyer.

Do your homework if you want to be a smart domain investor and you’re asking, “what do these strange-sounding domains mean?” Money, that’s the answer in spades.

See above, and go for it. You’ll thank us later.


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  1. I bought a few exact match and brandable graphene related domains. I have been payingg to register them over and over. Do you see the market getting hot soon. Like names or etc…

    • May I take a shot at an answer?

      Materials set to shape the future of 3D printing

      3D printing + graphene = revolution

      However, given the effort 3D Group is putting into its joint project with Kibaran, materials development is clearly a central theme of the company’s broader plans. Pertile believes that if materials scientists can deliver a workable solution to employ graphene in 3D printing, it could change the face of manufacturing forever.

      Read the article linked to, above, and tell me if the market is getting hot for graphene? Graphene marketing domain names will follow . . . Hang on to <== It is huge.

  2. As reported on DN Journal: 5,549 AUD = $5,383 5,549 AUD = $5,383

    Not too shabby as I’m sure you’ll agree.

    • @ Leigh

      Not bad except for the “”. Probably could have quadrupled that price, but we don’t know the seller, so no advice given. Still, good price, showing interest in FT domains. Looks like someone Down Under “understands” the power of 3D printing!

      Thanks for the comment, mate!

  3. Nice to see on Sedo sales list just published on sold for 29,500 USD

    • @Lucy,

      Thanks for that report, Lucy. So, now we can all understand that “3D” is worthless, and FT domains all fall into that category too. *Cough*.

      Our growth, and potential, is so beyond what naysayers are trying to impart upon our industry, it’s going to be a point where I stop even making comments on it. The domain “” is a good brand name, and most of our 400+ Future Trend Network™ members have domains better than that. This is why we’ve been waiting since 2004 to allow these powerful FT domains to be selected for companies who are a part of THE FUTURE. Or, we can just go back to when silent movie producers laughed at the thought of “Talkies”. It’s our world now, and we’re working to keep the power of your domains building to five figures such as you reported. Thx! Our advice right now to FT domain owners is: DON’T SELL CHEAP. Your day is coming very fast.

  4. You certainly know our site New Trends Domains. Shall we do something together?


    • @Sergio

      Please write to us by email, instead of posting here, and you can maybe work with us from that medium. We don’t communicate business through blog comments. Thank you!

  5. “Jery”…you seem like a negative loser. If you don’t believe in FT domains, you should lurk somewhere else. Your mom is probably making meatloaf for dinner for you tonight, so at least you’ve got that going for you. Be sure to listen when she calls down to the basement for you.

    *Admin or FUTRS, when is the FTN going to officially kick off to where it will help FT domainers broker and sell their premium FT domains?


  6. Was interesting to read, thanks for sharing.

  7. I guess pot is legal now where you live. “We’re successful we just can’t prove it in DnJournal”
    Bull crap grandpa. Give it a rest!

    • @Jery

      Don’t be hatin’ !! Learn to love the truth!

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