Which Domain Company is Best for Parking Domains (More Than PPC)

Posted on Feb 1, 2012 in General Domain News | 9 comments

Which Domain Company is Best for Parking Domains (More Than PPC)

I have almost 2000 domains parked at Parked.com. Weird stuff going on there, and I haven’t received any messages about it. I want to move my domains to the BEST monetization source other than selling to an enduser or building them out, which I anticipate doing throughout my portfolio’s existence.

If anyone knows of the best way to park 1500 domains, not great PPC domains but pretty good generics and branding domains, I’d love to hear your comments on it.

Unless the PPC company has transparent PPC rev share info, I’d rather hear about the multiple-path monetization companies.(I don’t put all my eggs in one basket).

Thanks for your help on this. I’m sure hundreds of other domainers will appreciate your input too!


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  1. @admin

    I went anonymous for a couple reasons. Fairly new to the domain parking realm and as I am not sure what the ropes are I didn’t mean to offend just inform. That, and I am not one for spamming my domains out there. But as you can see I did add my website (where my portfolio is listed). I used a valid email though. ;)

    I totally agree with your thoughts on the eventuality of relevance. Many of my domains are similar in nature.

    Did you ever start using DomainParking.com? If so, did the revenues increase decrease or stay about the same. Of course then again “if” your portfolio is rocking the required income to join, it shouldn’t matter.

    If my portfolio ever starts popping out $100+ a day… I’m closing up shop and going on permanent vacation.

  2. Regarding DomainParking.com.

    It’s like a private club. I attempted to join and received an email stating that only portfolios with a minimum daily income of $100 are allowed to join. And if your portfolio made $500 a day you would get a rep.

    If my portfolio was making $100-500 a day I don’t think I would change a thing. Would you? I mean that’s $3k-$15k a month… not a bad living.

    I had several email exchanges with the owner trying to see why I would use DomainParking.com if my portfolio was already making the “required income” money where it was at. Aside of listing other domain owners domains on your pages… pretty much the same deal, mini-sites, content PPC..

    Has anyone else had this experience?

    • @anonymous

      I didn’t know that. But it is a common fact now that PPC is NOT what the majority of domain investors are looking at, hence the hardcore marketing to find people with high traffic/ctr/ domains… it’s a game with a lot of players trying to convince you they’ll make you the most with your traffic domains, but only a few big domainers own the high traffic domains in a bundle. How many domainers do you know that make $100 a day from PPC traffic? I don’t because my domains can’t be understood by most domain companies. Who understands that “sensorflooring.com” will become huge in a few years but means nothing now?

      Your logic makes sense, but why go anonymous? Just stand up for yourself and post your comment in the future. Might get you some respect, or weed out the unwanted people who are trying to make money on your domains. Heck, if I was making PPC cash at that rate, I’d build every domain out and capture the product rev from affiliates or fulfillment services.

      Thanks for writing, but in the future, I don’t normally allow anonymous postings.

  3. hmmm… good suggestions. As for “Voodoo.com” I dont want to go there.

    Who likes domainparking.com?… brilliant brand domain… based on that alone, I should just try them. Anyone have something better?

  4. Why won’t you try domainparking.com?

  5. Afternic is the best

  6. *companies

  7. Hi Stephen,
    Like most domainers- I’ve tried them all. I have roughly 200 domains and a few months ago, I switched over to Voodoo.com
    They have been the best for me out of all the parking companys. If your portfolio has nice traffic and revenue, why not try F. Shilling’s platform?
    Thumbs up to Voodoo.com, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my parking revenues.

    All the best -MH

  8. Hi Stephen,

    I personally like http://www.domainpower.com as it gives you multiple channels, Shopping, real estate, bad credit, mortgages and also regular parking.

    For pure parking i have now chosen http://www.parkingcrew.com the revenue is great compared to sedo or parked. And it gives you an opportunity to add a fairly large “for sale” banner on top with your contact details. this is the main reason i use them.



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