Why Comments on Blogs Are Diminishing? Social Media Requirements Are Poison!

Posted on Mar 18, 2013 in General Domain News | 8 comments

Why Comments on Blogs Are Diminishing? Social Media Requirements Are Poison!

Anyone notice now how there are 1/20th of the past amount of comments and responses to blog and news stories across the web? Tired of giving out your Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, and maybe six other “social media” sites being requested at the personal level when all you want to do is post a quick comment?

Have you tried to post a comment on Youtube after Google got their grubby hands on it? It’s a personal information siphon, and everything you say is bundled into a nice and neat Facebook-style “we got you, we get you, we know who you are and what you want, what you do, where you’ve been, where you’re going and what you like” kind of thing… just so you can post your opinion?

Go ahead and click that “LIKE” button, with the easy “thumbs up” icon we all respond to so naively. What could go wrong? It’s just a simple “thumbs up button. Thumbs up for giving up.  Thumbs up for liking the loss of privacy and the free-selling of yourself into the grid.

Sad point — so many comments are not being made because we’re getting smarter about the “social network” game. Blind us with science. We still can feel our way in the dark.

My advice is that any domain blogger, or any blog site that likes comments, continue on with reviewing blog comments and then either accepting or denying them, but not losing the content from comments that you need for SEO advantage in favor for a few dorks who post using their FB, Twitter accounts, etc… and I’m guilty of that.  Not anymore. Not buying into it. Not requiring it on any of my sites. Either you like our websites or you don’t. We really don’t need to see the pics of your nephew’s birthday party for you to post on our blog.

Think hard about what you “Like” and who you’re telling. Think hard about if you want to leave your opinion with someone who’s desperate to find out who your aunt is and what music she likes.


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  1. It seems like the BUSINESS of buying, selling, and trading our personal info, our buying/shopping habits, and our searches and tastes is BIGGER than any business we could generate. At least I could, being of limited means, right now.

    All the futures get traded, and the $$ generated sent to tax havens, so corporate execs live off the lay of the land, without contributing.

    Corporate America is the REAL freeloader, people! And sending the $$ overseas or to Nevada/Wyoming/Delaware frees it from liability as well. After all, what difference does it make if you sue, but can’t access the penalty? No liablity economics, that’s the era we’re in!

    • @Louise

      Tell it like it is! Thanks Louise!

      • Thanx for that, @ admin! Noone cares if Russian billions of laundered $$ gets taxed, is why the market shrugged off Cypress.

        We’re pulling the wool from our eyes! The little guy is pulling the wool from his eyes, and that is why governments are finding common ground to expose hidden assets in different countries.

        US lawmakers weigh corporate tax reform

      • Which Republican has a chance at the presidency anymore, when ten years of tax records are traditionally made public? Or Democrat, for that matter? Mitt Romney could only supply the most recent year, where he paid 15%.

        If you want to see a boss summary of recent headlines, visit:


  2. Thanks for your post, somebody finally gets it about this new social media bondage. It’s awful and doesn’t appear to be getting better anytime soon. One can only hope.

  3. I agree. The reason I don’t comment most of the time is because the site requires a facebook, twitter or some other type of social account. Well, I don’t use facebook or twitter, nor would I want to mix my personal social media accounts (when I had them) with work stuff. I’m sure blog owners are losing out on many comments because of this.

  4. don’t worry… be happy.

    • @Rathead,

      “Don’t worry, be happy…” as the Nazis sang to the Jews and Russians and other people they felt were worthy of concentration camps and death. That’s less than 75 years ago, your grandma probably was alive at that time. Don’t think it can happen again? Don’t worry, be stupid.

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