Why Facebook is Dangerous

Posted on Jun 21, 2011 in Advertising Agencies, Business Sector, General Domain News | 65 comments

Why Facebook is Dangerous

Facebook is probably the most dangerous “socially” accepted medium in the world. Not only will it find a photo of your face online with every bit of data connected to your photo (with FB’s new facial recognition software) but it will do a “reverse mining” scan of the internet on your name, confirm that your name and photo are “exact” (analyzing your FB account’s photos) and archive that information in their servers. This means that FB can collect information about you and your family/friends/coworkers, neighbors, schoolmates, etc, (all those photos at family birthdays and frat parties, etc), based solely on connecting facial recognition technology with knowing what name to put with what face. FB then runs those photos of your “connections” against their own database of photos to see which of those faces in your photos have a FB account, even if you didn’t ID them. So all that fake “Tagging” people’s faces is just for the convenience of your viewers on your FB account. Then you can ponder, if you know history and the evil that exists in the world, the power Facebook controls over a half billion people (that’s correct, a half billion). You should consider measuring how it ties in every bit of your personality,  your friends and family, and stores that information, and continues to mine (scan/search) that info based on your photo appearing anywhere on the internet, and then builds a permanent profile about you. I’m not talking about “contact information”, we’re talking about revealing everything about you, connecting the dots, categorizing you instantly in a variety of areas (are you conservative or liberal?) and innocuous information that you would never believe would come back to haunt you – or information you don’t want people to know. It’s all attached to a database record of you on Facebook’s servers, and it will be more complete than any nefarious force (hacker, dictator, corporate power, whoever) could ever dream of. Those who think Facebook’s all about “marketing”, think again. Stop and think how many major corporations can screw up your life because you’ve become dependent on what they offer… for example: cellphone companies, utility companies, banks, investment firms, political parties, transportation sources like airlines, trains and buses. If you think your life is automated safely and comfortably, with the government and mulit-national corporations putting your happiness and safety first and showing you how to depend on them for their services, then jump on the FaceBook juggernaut. It’s as easy as voting for GW Bush in 2004, because he had our best interests at heart. Write on Facebook everything you’re doing, post your pics. No worries!  Some believers in Facebook will moronically say “it’s just family photos and I have “privacy settings” checked.” Really?  Then continue. Show them everything. Want to keep something private about an innocent family member, like a young niece or child in your family circle? Don’t worry, put up a birthday party picture with their face in the shot, and guaranteed Facebook will have as much information on your little niece within a few months as there is available. Don’t forget,  she’ll be starting her own “personal site” soon, so it’s just a simple “connect the dots” with Facebook pinpointing her face that is now recognized in a family photo you posted (without identifying her) a year or two earlier. That’s how Facebook is insidious.  It’s just connecting the dots, and they aren’t dots YOU have laid down. They’re dots placed by your Facebook group… and the applications they sucker you into playing, like the cunning “question party” game that tricks your connection into mentioning you in a series of questions, even using terms to “compliment” you into answering. (Yep, my wife’s Facebook account has almost ten comments from high school mates saying she was the “prettiest girl”. Then they post that on my wife’s FB wall, and try to lure her to answer or even see the what was written about her. So, does curiosity kill the cat? Or does curiosity on Facebook just pan out to be “innocent fun for all?” On Facbeook, you will soon discover, if you haven’t already, that some information and photos are not what you wanted in the internet universe. We all know by now that once there is data on the internet, it never goes away. What you put on Facebook will sneak out one way or another, because you can’t watch everything that the hundreds of friends and associates and family members are writing about you. If they write about you, then they reveal ALL those connected with you. If you don’t understand this, do your own investigation. Spend a few hours on it, unless, of course, you’re an optimist and believe that companies that have the power to easily and “innocently” gather  this much information about you will never do anything to hurt you and your loved ones. Those days are over, right? That’s not the scary part, because people don’t realize that they build your profile based on what your FB connections are. It’s hard for many people to understand that when one company owns your privacy, your world, your likes and dislikes, this is tantamount to mind-boggling malicious purposes. Sure, I sound paranoid. Why? Because Nazi death camps existed less than 70 years ago. What made those camps so efficient? They kept detailed records on people. Jump ahead to the KGB. Look at any oppressive regime. Having information on their citizens, whether true or not, allowed absolute power to kill, torture, imprison, anyone that they felt didn’t “agree” or potentially could be considered a “rebel personality” or “Free Thinker”. The casual nature of millions of internet users and their belief that FB is only “fun” way to connect with others is more frightening than the actual potential for misuse of the juggernaut of information that one company controls over their users. Go ahead, tell FB who all your friends and family are. Send “private messages” to your friends and family through FB, talk about personal things. Store everything about you on their servers. If you think a “fan/page” comment will prevent your so-called “FB private” information from being collected, you’re wrong. Not only do those who ANSWER your fan page have their info collected and connected to you, but your information is also being logged on how successful your fan page is.  How does that hurt?  I don’t know… ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?” When you want to leave a comment on a blog or a news article, and they require you to connect via your FB, you’ve just spread all your personal information across the internet to some other company. When I went to leave a comment several months ago on a TIME magazine online article, and saw my profile photo, WITH MY NAME (which wasn’t my handle for my FB), and then they asked “use your FB acct to login for comment?”, that’s when I started researching FB. They already had my profile photo (which my wife was in), my name, and I hadn’t posted a THING on the site yet. My IP address and my TIME user name was already in their database. FB is selling this info behind your backs, and you don’t know it. To prove this final “paranoiac” rant, watch a few commercials on TV and notice how large companies have stopped using their domain names for online contact. They’re promoting their Facebook fan page accounts. Why? Because as soon as you log in to their fan page account, FB, and the company, gets all your info, depending on the “business account” they have with FB. There is so much more to this FB danger but I think everyone who uses FB should look it up themselves, so not to brush off what I’m saying here. Find out for yourself, if you care about your family and friends, and what that famous quote means: “POWER CORRUPTS, AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.”

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  1. This article is full of truth. I’m getting worried about how putting information about everything we do online is getting socially accepted. And it’s really everywhere?! Facebook was the wet dream of the stasi back in East germany. It’ll only be a matter of time when all that information will be used against us and will fall in the wrong hands. Btw you don’t sound paranoia at all. Believe me , the mainstream facebook member is just being ignorant. Facebook isn’t a company that only wants money, it also wants power. AND INFORMATION = POWER;

  2. Do you have any references to citable sources for the claims you’re making in this article?

    • @Anonymous

      What? Are you using my article for a source of your college thesis? Shame! Do your own homework! ;-)
      And why are you using anonymous email?

  3. Another thing I don’t like about facebook someone can create fake profiles prentending to be someone there not. They can also share someones photos and put them on their facebook page and pretend that they are that person.

  4. Last week I give up my facebook account, they are lying and using
    names of my friends who don’t have a account over there.
    I had 2850 fans over there, I try to complain, guess what
    finally they ask for my id cart number. And its evil over there.
    Nice try, but I’ll never went back there again, and when google become one of Zuckerberg then I will delete that account also.

    Nickname Moppie is telling you the true

    And I feel relived..by by Facebook(cia)

  5. Facebook owns your soul. I don’t have a facebook.
    I have a life.
    Do yourself a favor and delete your facebook account.
    You don’t need it.. your life is calling you.

  6. This is SO true…

  7. Paranoid you are. Comparing FB to Nazi death camps? Wow, you are way out there. Please move out of the US. Oh, and for all this FB hate talk, nice of you to give folks an option to SHARE the article on FB lol.


    • @Pfft,

      FB isn’t being compared to death camps. FB is just the invitation – to the oppressors. Just imagine Hitler in command and having FB at his fingertips, right after tens of thousands of people “hated” him when he became Chancellor. Oh so much easier to find his enemies, their families, friends, and pets… then he could have put all his soldiers elsewhere to help him invade and control Europe instead of doing that “house to house” search. Heck, he’ll have all that personal info at his fingertips. That was 80 years ago… like, old days. Think someone like him could ever rise again? No? Then sleep the innocent sleep of the Germans in 1940 Deutschland… not to mention the “comfort level” of millions of others who didn’t give Hitler a second thought at that time. Let me know if you think a company with a billion humans’ personal habits, photos of friends and family, stored on their database will ever be misused, commandeered, forced to release that info… will ever happen in this perfect world of angels and pixies you live in.

  8. Excellent post! I totally agree!

  9. Ok,

    They gather information. SO WHAT???

    I really ask that being a person who adamantly refuses to use/post stuff on Facebook. I leave my gf mad with this. When she said, “Ok, they’ll have my/you info. So what?” I know it’s absolutely wrong, but I didn’t have anything concrete to give her other than “THEY’RE EEVEEL!” Does not serve the purpose.

    The “Govt killing anyone who disagrees” bit does seem a good answer. It’s just not enough.

    Can anyone post CONCRETE reasons of why not to spread info???

    • @Some Annonymous User

      Simple answer: What would the world be like if Hitler and/or Stalin had 1 billion facebook user information worldwide? Read the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Information is the strongest weapon against those you wish to dominate. Doesn’t take someone with an IQ of over 90 to figure that out. It’s the abuse of power, who’s going to do it, and how it will be used that NO ONE HAS THE ANSWER FOR.

      Now that the “Arab Spring” has allowed millions of Egyptians, Libyans, Muslims for Democracy, etc, to use Facebook, and then be susceptible to an upcoming military dictator who simple sets up a ‘shell’ company that offers “Arabs Unite For Democracy” organization, gets it posted on Facebook’s demographics that match those interested, to find out WHO (with their friends, families and coworkers) helped overthrow Mubarek and other “dictators” in that region. Why? Because Facebook doesn’t “Sell” that information, they just allow their advertisers to ACCESS it by luring you in with an offer piques your interest. Read Facebook’s TOS… it states that it has no control over 3rd party advertisers, INCLUDING PRIVACY SETTINGS, if you “LIKE” them or sign up for their “services”. Essentially, your information can be archived, and your innocent friends, whose photos you’ve included in your facebook account, have already been identified because Facebook bought the company “FACE.COM”, which is a software system that ID’s people all over the internet based on their photo. Any captions, names, details that go along with that photo, Facebook WILL AND DOES ARCHIVE IT, even if the person isn’t a Facebook user. They can stay low and not utilize that info for years, while they continue to collect any information connected to a photo of you, even if you’re not a Facebook user, but did appear in a facebook users’ account.

      Simply put: You are giving a company you know nothing about photos of you and your life, your interests, your locations, your vacations, your work, and best of all, your opinion on things. From that, they build, very easily, a massive database of humans and what their religion and political leanings are, among hundreds of other categories of interests. It’s not that you’ve done something wrong, it’s when the people in control of your information decide that YOU HAVE.

      Scary. Deadly. Watch for future results of Facebook’s power over 1 billion people and how they parlay that to governments and companies wishing to exploit you.

  10. hi i totally agree with you! I noticed when i wanted to make a fb acount ages ago i didnt want to use my real name so i thought up something dumb, then fb came up with please use your real name! I thought that was kindda dogey!

    • @M&M Lover

      Whoa, that’s even a freakier story than the hundreds I’ve heard already! They asked you to “use your real name?” Why would they care? Somehow they connected on you through a random “like” you did and then realized you weren’t connected with that comment using the same name as your FB name. SCARY!

      • The fact that they knew your real name M&M is what’s scarey. Nobody’s safe on this site from Hell or as I like to call it FECEBOOK!

      • @Tom,

        Just think — they have personal information, photos, your coworkers, family, friends, vacation spots, pics from your home (guess what people? Each photo you take with your phone gives the digital code a GPS location within the pixels that you can’t see, but THEY CAN. Don’t believe me, research it.) When any COUNTRY, let alone a COMPANY, has this much info on A BILLION people on earth, it’s ripe for abuse and it’s not heading UP to the mountain top to reach ZEN for the world, but instead is sliding down the slippery slope of oppression by government and corporate entities. Anyone ever have to give a credit report to get a job? Yeah, weird huh!) Just imagine what’s coming in the next few years because of the tons of info Facebook has on people worldwide.

  11. You rant (rightly, in my opinion), but then follow up with a Facebook ‘like’ button. Sort of like charging admission to a rant on money. . . .

    • @RobW

      Ahh, that’s just Word Press default buttons. This proves my point: You can’t escape the bullsh*t “Social media” marketing spasm in companies who don’t want, or don’t have, the people to properly promote their business safely.

      But play the Devil’s Advocate: I’m reaching out to the crowd that needs the information, yes? Thanks for writing, and great “tag” on us. Hope we explained it satisfactorily.

  12. P.s. Even you asked for my email in order to leave a reply, Mr. ‘people shouldnt collect your info’

    • @Sheryl
      Every blogsite asks for some information from their commenters regarding their email address for confirmation of a “real person” instead of a spam robot. Additionally, since when do you have to give up your personal identification to use Yahoo mail or any other mail service? It looks like you put your name on your email address, if that’s “really” your name. We have no way of knowing if it is, and we don’t care unless you are doing something illegal to our site. Otherwise, your email address isn’t sold or otherwise used to build a database on you, like Facebook does.

      Not sure why you are so vitriolic in your position supporting Facebook, but maybe we’ll find out soon. Thx for writing.

  13. I read your whole article and still did not see anything I would be worried about. ‘they know everything about you’…..like what…that I like to kayak, that I have 2kids, that I have a couple of cousins, that i’m divorced. Who cares? They can recognize my face… Or my daughters face….good! Then maybe if someone kidnaps my daughter and her face shows up on a video surveillance camera at a gas station, that will help the police find her. Truth is, you shouldn’t be worried unless you’re doing something illegal. People keep saying they want to protect their right to fight the government. This is what’s so dangerous about FB..that it will prevent you from creating anarchy in the U.S.?

    • @Sheryl
      Thank you for your reply about Facebook and why you aren’t worried about them collecting your personal data, especially many “non-official” aspects of your life. Your argument’s premise is based on your belief that the government is to be trusted (something our forefathers and the Constitution they created told us the opposite). What you’re not realizing is that the United States was formed based on allowing refugees, political outcasts, and millions of people running from their government. They came to America for the freedom to move without being “watched”, the Freedom to avoid government control over their lives, and gave their lives to create a country where the “pursuit of happiness” is now your right.

      However, history always bases oppression of people on one solid fact: The oppressors first knowing everything about you. Did you do something wrong? How do you know you didn’t? What happens if all the information you’ve provided to Facebook falls into the hands of a “new oppressive regime”, which, judging by the language of the Patriot Act, is already getting its foot in the door in this counntry. Have you ever read a story of someone attacked by any government agency, their lives ruined, name smeared, family members killed, all based on a “mistake” by the government, or even government policy?

      Surveillance cameras aren’t the answer to anything, but prevention of crime is. Private surveillance is anyone’s right, and I support that. But government surveillance for the “good of safety” is just blatant control of power. It’s so commonly known that the Soviets (Communists) and the Nazis did this to perfection with the technology they had at the time, it’s something that people know and it “goes without saying”, but I will sat it if you don’t know this. These two recent regimes were able to identify anyone that was a candidate for the “Final Solution” and other ethnic, political, and lifestyle “cleansing.” Imagine if Facebook existed back then?

      Your statement about “you shouldn’t be worried unless you’re doing something illegal” is the classic “excuse” from those who are looking at you and expecting that you are, if they want to, find you are doing something illegal. Several books on how many laws you break every hour of the day have been written, and they all say that almost everywhere in the U.S., you will break at least 5 laws every hour, and that triples if you’re driving a car or out in public. The real facts against your rhetorical statement is this: When a new law is made that steps on your rights, and YOU personally are negatively affected by it, will you just kneel and accept it? Or will you fight to change it? How will you fight for your rights against a government that knows everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about you? If you want to protest it, try to change it, and “fight city hall”, can you be sure that hard line tactics won’t be used against you and your supporters to “quell the disturbance”? Now you are suddenly a lawbreaker and you have no place to hide, or a way to fight back for your rights.

      For another current example: now that Facebook has been given credit for helping overthrow Egyptian president Mubarek, and the chance for a new government, because hundreds of thousands of people joined in by using FB. Those revolutionaries have now identified themselves and their political leanings to any opposition power that may FIGHT them and their push to democracy. This is already happening as I write this. If I was one of the Egyptian “revolutionaries”, I’d be worried that Facebook had ALL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION, which, of course, will ALWAYS BE ARCHIVED AND ACCESSIBLE TO ANYONE IN POWER THAT HAS THE POWER TO GATHER IT. You can be assured that any government power can gain archived information on citizens, consumers, businesses and more. Do some thinking, and remember the Holocaust happened in the lifetime of millions of people alive today, and slaughter of innocent people worldwide (Syria) by their governments is still rampant.

      There is no argument that denies the easiest way to gather personal information in its expanded form is to just go to Facebook. Someday it may be bought by a foreign company (maybe China) that operates by, or for, their oppressive government. You have to think beyond the “fun” of Facebook, and look down the road. I’m sure you wouldn’t want the government of China to possess your personal information. But guess what? They already do because Facebook provides this information to their advertisers. Do you think Chinese companies don’t advertise using social media?

      Memorize this quotation by one of our Founding Fathers, and think hard about why he said it:
      “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin, 1755

      And if that doesn’t impress you, fellow American, take a trip to Ellis Island. The above quotation, in its essence, is inscribed on a plaque on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

  14. That scares the hell out of me. But yeah i totally agree with what they all said. This is the damn reason I have no facebook acc. People just don’t understand that faceook is for talking about life not your sexual life seriously get the damn thing right!!! The only thing I have is email and acc for a adtunes and that’s all. let’s hope people learn once and 4 all!!!

    Thanks….. Sammy!!

    • @Sammy

      This is the major point you’ve made: Before Facebook appeared six years ago, we all communicated specifically through email, phone calls, snail mail. The Myspace seduced the youth to put their whole lives online, so that the owners of Myspace could gather all that fantastic marketing info, and probably more than that. Remember, whatever you post at any site gives the website owner complete permission to store your “confessions” and stories and names and pics and more. Facebook (FB) had the better feature set, and ease of use, and maybe even a better position to evolve based on watching Myspaces’ mistakes. They played their cards right to convince even EDUCATED people that it was okay for anyone to put their daily activities, thoughts, pics of friends and family, and those who probably do NOT want to be on FB. Hey, why worry, most people said. “I have total privacy on”. So most users think that all this personal data about themselves and those they like and love they are putting online at FB will be safe from the prying eyes of the world. Trust me in that the world DOES want all you private info. Just try to post a comment on a news blog today… they’ll want you to use your FB or other social networking acct in which to “confirm” your post.

      What that does is allow FB to completely unlock ALL your privacy settings, and allow the company you “liked” or visited on FB (which is another article coming up to be published soon) to be able to access ALL YOUR INFORMATION on FB. These are the details that will be released to any advertiser who is paying for YOU to let them take it. That’s why FB says they don’t sell your “private information WITHOUT your permission”. Here’s the problem: Once you click “like” or use your FB acct to access a company that is selling a product or advertising their services, or even just trying to get you to post a comment about their news articles, you immediately negate the “privacy” setting on your account at FB and the company you have “liked” now has a full download report of you and your mates.

      Tell me I’m wrong. It will be hard. I expect people who read my blog to do their own research about this and update me on the incredible misuse of FB users’ private information on FB once certain parameters are met.

      Thanks for writing.

  15. Paranoid? Not at all, paranoia is like irrational fear, like for example being afraid of ghosts or Santa Clause getting his coat dirty on his way down the chimney, that is paranoia, the fear of information being used against you to paint you up as a terrorist etc is not irrational at all, in fact its a very real and legit fear. What is interesting to note about our current state, is the people afraid to exercise there inalienable rights because the fear of being seen as an outcast or worse a terrorist. So we have masses conforming to policies and laws which violate our rights in some of the most insidious ways. When really, we should be far more angry than we are about many things recently changed. Most people seem to think nothing of it. I have thought a lot about it, and I can see how “undesirables” might be framed and persecuted on FB heresy. Look at how well some superimposed images mimic reality, and think to yourself how many pictures are available for some “artist” to impose his will against you on. But maybe I’m just starting to get paranoid. :)

    • @xenkinito

      A very nice presentation of points, indeed. What you say makes sense, but one of the things a lot of people miss is the IRONY of the media support and credit given to Facebook for “helping” the MidEast countries gain their freedom through mass Facebook communications.

      Here’s the deal… sure, using FB helped these people all contact each other and DISCUSS the REVOLUTION in their country. Now… Facebook has all their information, which they can share with anybody, for any reason, even if it’s an executive order at the top of our govt to find potential “troublemakers”. Hey, every powerful country in the world, especially those with leanings towards imperialistic, fascist tendencies (USA), now has the information, photos, details, employment, location, friends, family and other “associates” who helped bring about any violent chenge of govt in their country.

      That’s right. The very vehicle, supposedly an “innocent vehiclle for populist change” also is a massive clearinghouse for ALL the people who participated through Facebook to do this. FB has a huge list of obvious “revolutionairies”. For now, they might be safe, but what if the American South, many of them so deeply imbedded in religious fear and fervor, vote in a guy like Rick Santorum, who not only represents a disgusting definition that defines his last name, but is a weasly looking “sanctimonious” religious freak who will set about oppressing freedoms of those Americans who he and his minions deem as “sinful” and “destructive” to the phony “family structure” he/they believe represents the Bible.

      This is how countries collapse under religious civil war. Santorum WILL, without a doubt, cause this to happen in our country if given the mandate by his religious fanatics, no different than the muslim fanatics he wants to immediately (and in a Christ-like way), attack Iran for what it “might” be doing. All I can say is “remember Saddam’s WMD’s”? None. But Saddam is dead, hooray for GW Bush doing a favor for his daddy.

      This site isn’t a political site, but Facebook WILL, without a doubt, become a source of incredible information to any country that forces nerdy Zuckerberg to let it loose.

  16. I’m glad I found this page as I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person left who hadn’t been assimilated.

    It genuinely bothers me how much Facebook has wormed its way into nearly everything on the internet and how it has closed off whole sections to those who don’t wish to pay to access them by giving up their right to privacy. Websites I used to visit now require me to sign in via Facebook and since I refuse to join Facebook I can no longer access parts of them.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if I felt it was just trying to target advertising at me a little more accurately but it’s the sheer volume and range of information that Facebook collects that bothers me. Quite simply, they want to know too much.

    Facebook’s only purpose is to obtain as much information about people as possible, whatever it is and however it can. It doesn’t matter what privacy settings you use as they can change their mind about what they’ll collect or share with others at any point (and regularly do). I know for a fact that it’ll monitor everything you do even if you’ve not “allowed” it to.

    My sister used my laptop to access her Facebook account the other day. She logged out but later, on her own laptop, Facebook mailed her suggesting contacts from MY email account as possible friends. Why? Because I’d left my webmail open in another tab and Facebook accessed my address book whilst she was using my laptop. I know you can allow Facebook to link to YOUR email address that you sign up with but where does it say that you’ll allow it to look at ANY email account it comes across? That’s just wrong on so many levels and is probably illegal. But who do you complain to? No-one seems to care and you’d probably have to sign in via Facebook to do so anyway.

    I wish I could put my feelings across more succinctly and word them better but I can’t believe that something this obviously bad has apparently become more and more mandatory. I don’t want to be one of the information-deprived but fear that I’ll start my web browser one day and be unable to access any information without first signing in via Facebook. I’m not sure I can force myself to join the rest and take the blue pill as so many have already done.

    • @sharklasers

      Welcome to the club that says anyone with this much information on people who innocently reveal all their personal habits, friends, family, comings and goings, is going to go “bad” one day. I saw a news article just a few days ago about what was causing Mid eastern “democratic” uprisings, and they focused on a huge “FACEBOOK” banner for about a minute.

      That’s the rub. Remember, Satan isn’t a scary looking monster with a pitchfork, horns, and a face of a goat. Satan is the most beautiful, likeable, cool, fun, needed, respected, person/company in the world. The devil doesn’t want you to “run” when he meets you, he wants you to love him… and Facebook is the perfect medium for the devil. Period.

      • You actually believe in the “devil”? I’d give some credence to this post, but not if you believe in goblin, ghouls and lucifer. lol!

      • @Sammy

        Believe in evil, Sammy? That’s all it takes to meet your symbolic diminishing of the horrific things humans have done to each other through history. Call it “names” to try and disregard it, but as it is known, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s the point of the article. Thanks for writing.

    • I am one of those who has 10 email addresses and 7 Facebook accounts. Now picture this. Last year I started a new google account with the name Tom Henry. I emailed one person with that email address. A few days later I started yet another Faceboook account. Under “People you may know” had 5 suggestions. One of them was the one person I had emailed though Google Gmail and whose name and email address did not appear in any other account of mine so it’s not just Facebook you have to watch out for. It’s anything on the Internet. I am no way defending Facebook but do find it is the anchor that will release all infomation about all people everywhere. Networking is the new Holocaust. It just hasn’t quite come to full bloom just yet.

      • @Roderick

        You are correct, most social sites get your email address by their TOS, which most people don’t read all the way through. They have the right to search your email address book to provide “suggestions” to you to contact potential new “friends” based on your “TO:” contact info of the person you’re emailing to. All of them “safely” archived on their servers, such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo.com and most major web-based email services. It is truly the firm establishment of the slippery slope into a New World Order. Whoever controls this information, controls the world, period.

      • And just how exactly did they find the password to get into my gmail account. You are not making sense Sir unless of course they(Facebook) are the original hackers themselves.

      • @Roderick

        The way social sites like Linkedin and Facebook access your email is by you simply click on an innocuous links that says “Here’s more people you know that may want to connect to you.” Then they have a box with links to your email accounts that by simply clicking “okay” gives them permission to connect with their other big ecommerce buddy corporations sharing all this info, to access your account and see who is in your address book using the same email address in their accounts at Linkedin or Facebook. Then they show you that list of people who are mutually connected to their social site with you. Me, I removed my Facebook account almost 2 years ago now. Ahhhh…. refreshing, but not safe by any means.

    • Funny. Having as many email addresses as I have because of my multiple personalities is likely a protection, since I don’t have to agree to terms which share my email address, so the above doesn’t bother me.

      What bothers me is, Google just simplified its privacy and terms for all its services this past year. Except, Google Wallet is DEFINITELY a new service with its own set of terms you have to sift through!

      Guess what? Google Wallet terms gets you to agree to the ULTIMATE consolidation: all your purchases on Google wallet, including all your credit card charges, with all your searches! Not even the credit bureaus and information agencies have THAT level of information. You can get all the suggestions via online ads, and all the coupons direct to your phone, based on your searches.

  17. Facebook is the future death of privacy and Mark Zuckerberg is a the kind of person you just want to beat the shit out of. Let’s not all becomne Mark Zuckerberg’s bitch!!

    • @Bob

      An excellent way of throwing off FB and its “stats” is to just open fake accounts, or account that have names of pets, your kid’s soccer team, accounts that list the top three hobbies or interests you have, and put NOTHING on the account that actually is true to what or who you are, or where you are. Fake the photos, the info, etc…. what’s cool about that is that you can then use one of those ‘fake” FB accounts to sign up for all the freaking IDIOTS who will allow you to comment on their sites by using your FB account. Is that the dumbest thing you have ever seen? Yeah, let’s all allow every websitie who wants us to comment on an article we wrote, to get a “Like” from us, so they can go in and access ALL our personal info, including photos and any information on our accounts.

      If you have a Facebook account, where you have EVERY bit of the information Facebook asks for: Full name, high school, college, degree, current location, then a full list of your friends and family, your vacations, your movie, music, book and eating preferences… why don’t you just put that info on index cards, go to a print shop, have 1 million of them printed up, and then carry them around with you and place them at everywhere you stop: the gas station, doctor’s office, DMV, MacDonalds, cleaners, grocery stores, and I mean everywhere. That would be no different than having an “honest” Facebook account. Just give away all your privacy. And remember to click “LIKE” wherever you go, because when you do, whatever you “liked” will get a full report on who you are. Good deal, huh!

      I just saw a news article about the fact that Facebook is responsible for all the Mideast “revolts” against tyranny, and one promotion was so blatant the other day, the reporter said “and this is the way the Chinese have fought back against their government opporession: *cut to film clip of two asians holding up a huge sign that just simply said “FACEBOOK” on it.

      This is the double deal, the counter intelligence trick, the way to find out who is who and who did what at whatever time. If you want to lead a revolution, secret flyers work just as well.

      So, in the future, create a revolution the OLD SCHOOL WAY — banners, flyers, and demonstrations. If you think that putting all your information on Facebook “speeds up the process”, there’s a reason for that —- it captures ALL THOSE WHO ARE POLITICALLY ACTIVE, stores their personal information, and when the time is right, that info will be released for the right reason and the right price. THINK PEOPLE. It’s been less than 80 years that Adolf Hitler started keeping the most intensive records on his citizens, jews, gypsies, russians, homosexuals, criminals, and anyone else he thought was not of the “aryan” perfection.

      Facebook, the most dangerous website in the world. Fight back with false information.

  18. I agree. Facebook is not a need. Its trash. Some adults dont want to remember the past because they have done something bad. Some dont want to remember people who bullied them when they were little. Why bring those pain back? Leave them in the past.

  19. Facebook is evil. Dont trust Facebook. It brings your past back & screw up your future. It involves hackers & porn. It includes rumers, bullies, child suicides, marriage problems, adultery, and job loss. Sex predators & terrorists are in Facebook. People can ruin your business. No matter how hard you try to protect, it is not 100% secured. There are so many awful horrible people out there that you dont know about. They can do anything to destroy your life.

  20. I’ve never liked the Fbook concept just because I’m a loner & don’t want people up in my business. But as time goes on I feel that tendency has served me well. I’ve had a firm belief for a few years that Fbook (I even refuse to write the whole word) is evil – not christian evil, just generic, OTT wrong. I’m afraid of it’s extensive creepy electronic tentacles.
    I got page out out of necessity (it’s so ubiquitous that some sites require u to login via Fbook. Sad but true) but I’ve had to create a whole new “electronic me” to protect myself & my privacy. I don’t use my real name or post photos of my face or speak to friends thru Fbook. If a friend uses my real name online I immediately (& very politely) tell them to take it down.
    Unfortunately in this world of oversharing, not being one of the Team TMI means that people in general are suspicious. I must have skeletons in my closet, right? It doesn’t read as someone who simply thinks Fbook is terrifying. Hopefully attitudes will change with time.

    • @Missy,

      You make some astute points. I don’t think most Facebook users realize that whenever they see an ad or commercial, and the company says “contact us here at this link http://www.facebook.com/abccompany1234” that when you CLICK that link, you’ve just allowed that company to access all of your info at your site. There’s no need for the company to come to you and “double optin” and request that they be a part of your Facebook experience. Since you clicked on their link to ‘find out more info” on them and you go to their Facebook account, you’ve allowed that company automatically receive full access to your FB account. It’s like clicking a game on FB, or an advertisement in your facebook pages.

      Any “positive action” by a Facebook user on an advertiser’s link is interpreted as an invitation FROM YOU to let that company into your life as you represent it on Facebook. Additionally, your friends and family can be sucked into that weirdness too.

      Here is a recent startling news article about Facebook Ireland creating “shadow profiles”, : http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-20123919-93/facebook-ireland-accused-of-creating-shadow-profiles-on-users-nonusers/
      There’s a comment in this article from Facebook reps stating that “even after deleting your account, some of your photos will remain, but no identifying info to the photo will exist.” This comment was made in 2010.

      In 2011, Facebook announced they’re using “Face.com” software to “identify photos that match a person’s name” with this software. This means that even if you delete your account, any photos you had posted of you and your family/fiends can be scanned by this face recognition software and find data that identifies the people in the photo. This allows facebook to build a “profile” on that person, their friends, coworkers, family, even strangers. The software also scans the internet for ANY photos on any website that might contain data on the photo to further ID the person/s in the photograph sitting on Facebook’s servers.

      It seems confusing, but that’s what Facebook is in regards to how it collects and builds profiles on as many people/companies for their huge database. They can track ONE PHOTO, get the name of the person in that photo, and then scan the internet for other photos of that person, even those in a company employee photo session. Then, once they get THAT photo, they can start building “shadow” profiles on anyone connected to you – and expand it out to exponentially build a huge database on anyone who has ever posted their photo (or any photo with faces in it).

      Ultimately, if you like the fact that regularly using Facebook and posting your opinion, discussions, connecting with other FB users, clicking “Like” on advertiser pages, writing information and tagging your photos can and will be forever available to anyone THAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT OR GIVE EXPRESS PERMISSION TO KEEP DATA ON YOUR LIFE AND THOSE IN IT.

      BTW: (you don’t need to “tag” your photos you upload anymore, because of the new face recognition software that FB is using now to build and connect the “tentacles” of your life and others (remember, your friends can also make decisions on their Facebook accounts putting your personal information in jeopardy). Facebook’s clear goal is to KNOW ALL ABOUT EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. It’s not only valuable to them from a marketing standpoint, but also positioning them to become a tool of an oppressive government. Oh, I forgot, we can’t think that governments are “bad” — we all trust our govts, right?

  21. this websit is stupid and has no point to it if u think facebook is dangerous then dont go on it

    • @Bob

      Facebook is at this moment, scanning the internet with your photo and name (they have facial recognition software, where they take your face, program your full name to it, then search the internet for all corresponding data that matches your face, even if your name isn’t attached.)

      Then, they do that to all the people you’ve put on facebook and “tagged”. They capture those people’s faces, your family, friends, coworkers (FF&C), and then do the same thing.. scour the internet matching the faces you publish on your FB to the names you’ve given them, and then start a database of every bit of data they can find, not only on your face, but your name. If they get a match of your face with your name, this is logged, site location, and all data where your face appears with your name. Your address, phone number, DOB, SSN, and lots lots more.

      Then that data goes into your FB personal file. It’s brilliant. Facebook has over 550 million people’s personal lives, along with all the data given for your FF & C, This means data on what your FF &C do, where they go, what they like, what they don’t like, what places they visit, and all that info is continuously scanned into a database with THEIR FACES AND NAMES on it –These are innocent people you’ve “tagged” in your photos you’ve put on your Facebook account.

      The great part of their scheme, truthfully, is that they can “cross-reference” millions of people with each other. So your “friends” on Facebook are all catalogued, for anyone to buy, or hack into, or have a dictatorial government seize access of.

      Sure, that won’t happen, because only 80 years ago, the Nazi Party had only been a little gleam in Hitler’s eye. Then, so quickly, so suddenly, by 1933, within 2 years, Hitler was in control of Germany. First order of of the Nazi government: SEIZE ALL PUBLIC RECORDS. SEIZE ALL RECORDS BASED IN THE OFFICES OF THEIR POLITICAL AND IDEOLOGICAL AND RACIAL OPPONENTS. That gave the Nazis total control over everyone’s lives in Germany at that time. With propaganda campaigns, mothers were imprisoned for complaining that their 15 year old daughters were coming home pregnant after visiting “Hitler Camps”. These teen girls were called “Hitler’s Brides” because they were having “pure” German babies for the Fuehrer’s cause. Little boys who joined the Hitler Youth Camps would fill out forms describing how their parents or other relatives, or even family friends, talked and whether those boys’ parents were loyal Nazis. If not, the SS would come and arrest the parents and put them in concentration camps.

      Information IS KING. He who controls all your life’s details will control you. Period.

      If you don’t believe that every life-controlling mulit-national company has a purchase request for this info, including our govt and other govts, then you’re not to swift. Companies that control food, communication, transportation, and banking WILL HAVE HUGE DOSSIERS ON YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS WITHIN 2-3 years or sooner.

      They can take any photo of a person you put on your FB acct, identify them, then scour the internet for EVERY appearance of that face, and gather MORE data from that location and add it to their FB database record.

      This way, Facebook can sell all the likes, dislikes, friends, trends, and everything you and your friends, family and coworkers to these multinational corporations, including the govts, and any govt in my belief does NOT have your best interests at heart.

      So… go ahead… give FB everything ABOUT you, but you should at least have mercy on your FF and C — don’t give them up…. don’t publish their photos and names.

      In the formation of the Nazi government in the 30′s, Eugenics was very popular, and keeping records, detailed and extensive, on anyone set for “interest” for the Nazis to experiment on or exterminate, was kept. They recorded EVERYTHING. It made it VERY EASY to take out those who they believed needed to be “removed”.

      “When the doctors wanted to complete a skeleton collection at the Reich University in Strasbourg, they selected 112 healthy Jewish prisoners, photographed them, measured them, and murdered them. They studied their bones and tissues and then sent the bodies to Strasbourg, where the flesh was removed and the skeletons put on display.”

  22. I have been having an ongoing debate with my husband on FB , I PolyAnna did not see it being too terribly invasive because I don’t list much stuff on my profile. Hub’s is certain it is some major conspiricy to take over our lives. I wrote him off as being parinoid and an ignorant ogre. NOW … Thanks for winning the fight for HIM.
    The picture recognition I had not clue of. I can remember my Daughter in law being most protective of her blog to protect the kids, and now she we everyone posts kid pics.
    I knew they linked something to my interests and groups somehow(did not use that in my defend FB arguments) Because the advertisements on FB would be of sites I recently visited or ordered from.
    What of the Gameing? I think there must be something FB gets out of me playing games and networking and staying ‘with them’ for longer periods of time?

    I do like FB, as an introvert it is perfect to mull over things a bit before i spit them out. Writing my thoughts allows me to seem much smarter than when I speak them. And ALL my friends are there…..

    So now that I MAY try to spit the Kool Aid out, how do I do that? Can I somehow just not swallow? And keep it swishing around a bit? I need to follow the ‘advice’ of my husband, thus my search to find info on FB and reading this. I do not trust ‘them’ that gather this info, I do expect them to use it against in some fashion.(I am a Christian GunCarrying Conservative Married Grandmother, I have a lot to defend;-)

  23. Some are paranoid some are not but they are all correct.
    this is just the begining of what is yet to come yep guess those dam bible thumpers are right we are all being made fodder for the beast to eat enjoy your freedoms while you can they are on the way out thanks george and obama for contributing to the new world order oh what Might i be talking about hmm some type of phobia oh it was high jacked that isnt how they really are. ” Out sourcing is good for America” Iam sure the corporations havea better way to live. fish all dead food short?/ why not eat people I eman after all the older people make great steaks I mean why not logans run get all and what ever you wnat till 30 think renew oh how silly just science fiction we all taste like pork .
    It was a wonderfull country but say good bye
    Iam sure the corporate communits will havea nice hybrid methode and idealogy that will be far more profitable.
    chrildren at school are now required to have face book accounts did you guys know that?.
    ah teachers.. liberal ass holes

    the world has truly become vile

    • @ Won’tbepublished,

      Can you provide proof of any instances where school kids are “required” to have facebook accounts. That would be truly frightening. Thanks


  25. Excellent post. I totally agree. Big Brother is watching. There have been so many mistakes made already where technology has caused unnecessary grief and hardship for innocent people. I am staying off LinkedIn and Spoke as well. These applications can mine data from my contact list in my email address and who knows what is done with the information after that. We should be more focussed on interacting with people on a personal level rather than using technology to do it for us where our info is permanently stored on the Internet.

  26. An excellent post. I just took my FB down yesterday. This is the second and final time that I took it down. I have had concerns about it for a long time. I shared very little on there, however, I see family members with loads of information on there about family, events, etc. Some people have put their whole life’s story on there. Being a researcher and questioner about a lot of things, kept me from placing too much on FB. Curiosity is what led me there in the first place.

  27. I think that episode was banned from airing in the USA..I wonder why eh ;)

    “Got any answers for what we should do?”

    Not really but there is a saying that Society is four meals from anarchy, it wouldn’t take much for that to happen and the government knows it, economic collapse (very likely) or a big natural disaster like yellow stone popping or a huge solar flare frying the national grid in 2012 etc

    If it makes you feel better you are not as paranoid as your government is, they are obviously spending a fortune on “Paranoia” :)

    These Ventura episodes are interesting ones to watch, there are six episodes, all worth watching.



    Option 1) Live like a mole with a bunch of boring rich old twats…if they’ll have you!

    Option 2) Buy a very high factor sunscreen and a pair of Ray-Bans LOL ;)

    I don’t have a blog, I just stumbled across the guy Jesse Ventura when I was looking for info on Ron Paul and the economy.

    ..oops, I just made the bad list ;)

  28. Maybe I’m just as whacked as you are but IMHO this is the best post you’ve posted in a while.

    • JP,

      Please don’t reveal that I’m whacked, especially at your level, cuz you know both of us could run the coast of the tip of Baja to Tarantulas above Avila, and live the life only a few could wish they could!

      Thanks for the kudos on my post. I was just trying to bring us all together instead of shouting out loud about how great I was, how I “predicted this” years ago, and how my advice is the only correct advice for domain investing… cuz I forgot that being humble comes from success. *cough* Anyway, I’m ready to post a pic of you in a roundhouse cutback or green room slide… I have a topic that would match a photo of you perfectly. I’ll tell you first, of course, what the topic is!

      Watch out for those late evening outside swells, my friend! (as in hearing, paniced voices near you… “OUTSIDE!!!!”)

    • It’s an excellent post!

  29. Here is the New York Times article,

    Facebook ‘Face Recognition’ Feature Draws Privacy Scrutiny

  30. “Sure, I sound paranoid. Why? Because Nazi death camps existed less than 70 years ago. What made those camps so efficient? They kept detailed records on people. Jump ahead to the KGB. Look at any oppressive regime. Having information on their citizens, whether true or not, allowed absolute power to kill, torture, imprison, anyone that they felt didn’t “agree” or potentially could be considered a “rebel personality” or “Free Thinker”.”

    “paranoiac” rant ? Maybe, Maybe not :)

    You should watch the following video on Youtube.com


    You really need to watch the whole thing, the guy doing it is an ex US Governor and ex Navy Seal, even if 5% of it is true then you are already living in an oppressive regime.

    ps) Big Brother is a Wanker ;)

    • Thanks Gazzip for that link… you scared the crap out of me and an associate who happened to be over at the time I saw your comment.

      Got any answers for what we should do? Do you have a blog site discussing this? If so, I’ll publish it.

  31. buddy list, not phone list*

  32. Comparing Facebook to Nazi death camps? This sensationalist BS has Godwin’s law written all over it. Its nice to know that a social network where people connect with their friends/family is now comparable to WWII death camps where 6 million people were murdered. Pathetic.

    And for the record, the software only tags people already on your phone list. If you don’t want to be tagged, turn it off in your privacy settings.

    The same features are also found in Google’s Picasa, and iPhoto, btw.

    • @Shaun Morton

      And to think the majority of the German people thought Hitler was a “clown” in 1932. Silly them, right? Read Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and then get back to me, my friend. If you think something so wonderful like Facebook is harmless and benign, then you’re not thinking “ahead”. That’s what I’ve learned to do after starting to buy Future Trend domains back in 2003. (and seeing Building #7 get taken down by the govt

    • Shaun

      I agree about your comment comparing Facebook to Nazi death camps but the point is clear

      Turning the Tag off only prevents you be able to tag photos for face Recognition. It does not stop other persons using it. Hence security services, Police, Companies, friends, family etc etc etc etc. to tag YOU.

      How do you think most of the suspects in the recent riots in England were found by Police. USING FACE RECOGNITION SOFTWARE on FACEBOOK.

      Scan the suspect photo search on facebook.

      Then ANY information about that person and linked/tagged to them will automatically show. That is why there were so many arrests and in such quick time.

      • @Dragon

        This is EXACTLY what I’m saying. And when people find out that Facebook just bought the face recognition software company, FACE.COM, Facebook has ALREADY started automatically tagging, for THEIR archives, every person’s face in every photo on their servers. Don’t believe me? Scroll through some of your own photos that you HAVE NOT TAGGED, and mouse over some of your family/friends/coworkers faces. You will (or should see by now) a small brownish-red label appear saying “Tagged Facebook.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx” and a code attached that cross-references the faces in the photo with other accounts they appear in. It doesn’t show the person’s name, just the notation of the face being “tagged by Facebook”.

        Think about it — everytime someone posts a photo on FB with YOU in it, and if you also have an account in Facebook, they will connect the dots to who knows who, and the new FACE.COM software will eventually tie together everyone you know, and who THEY know, and what YOU do and what THEY do, and have all the info they need to have a great database ready to sell to the DOD, or even some “front corporation” of a dictator or military govt wanting to find out ALL THE PEOPLE WHO USED FACEBOOK TO ORGANIZE THE “REVOLUTION”.

        What’s the stupidest thing anyone who cares about their life, and those of their family and friends?
        ANSWER: Join Facebook and willingly give away all your personal info, likes, dislikes, photos, and everything that some emerging “Power” will easily get from Facebook by simply creating an “ad” that appeals to their interests. If you read the Facebook TOS, every word of it, you will find that they state explicitly that they do NOT sell your information. However, they also state that “third parties” they have “no control over” and if you “like” something, or sign up for something on Facebook, that releases ALL your privacy settings because YOU’VE JUST FRIENDED THEM. I think 90% of FB users don’t know this.

        I know people who laugh at me, thinking I’m a conspiracy nut, but then re-evaluate what I am telling them when I simple ask them “How were the Jews rounded up in Europe during WW2 by the Nazis?” This can be applied to other genocidal situations, even as far back as when the Magna Carta was created and the kings of Europe started keeping records of who is married, born, died, owns land, pays taxes, etc etc.

        With Facebook now owning the face recognition software “FACE.COM”, they can consolidate every face in their records along with mining the internet for that same face appearing on some other website, grab that photo along with any data from that website connected to the photo, and add THAT to their FB record on you. It doesn’t just stop at Facebook accounts now with Facebook’s “evolution”. It continues to grow like ivy, vines reaching out and wrapping around everything about YOU because you happen to have your face on FB’s website, whether you put it there or not. That means your “innocent” friends can be assisting FB in building an account about you, even though you are NOT a willing member of their “services”.

        “He who owns personal information on the lives of other people owns the power over those people.” That’s MY quote – ©2012 Stephen Douglas

        Thanks for writing, Dragon…

  33. I agree.

    What frightens me the most is the facial recognition technology and the power it will give to the state and other potentially nefarious forces.

    I believe it’s already being used to identify people who took part in the Vancouver riots. No tears over that, but no doubt it will shortly be used by arab governments to identify individuals (and their friends and family) protesting for their freedom in the Middle-East.

    Think of the power it will give stalkers and odd-balls.

    People will be able to point a camera at you and it will be the same as Googling your name. Likewise for CCTV cameras with the technology embedded. Truly the end of privacy is coming.

    • Oh Facebook or should we call it False book, I entered site on premise of free merchandise? who would not want free mugs! curiosity now got a grip of me, so I duly looked up the profile of a proposed amour, yes dangerous, well it put me off I,ll tell you, not unless they live in a virtual world, divorced from reality, phew talk about wanting to be seen as popular /cool/fun. Odd as for someone paranoid regarding “big brother” issues, opening themselves up to all sorts of abuse. The selling of ones self as a marketable product is extreme and sad, and that is how they get to know your business via your vulnerabilities. So take care….We should be paranoid.

    • it doesn,t need FB for people to find out everything about you,, stop being neurotic


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